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this cream is made using a fluid emollient base, which is hydrating, non-allergenic and suitable for all skin types. It does not contain additives or perfumes of any sort. 

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Ingredients: dilution of three spring-waters in a base cream made up of principles of vegetal origin.

details: Aqua, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl stearate, Glyceryl stearate se, Sodium cetearyl sulfate, Pentaerythrityl distearate, Coco caprylate/caprate, Sunflower seed oil glycerides*, Cetyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, Glyceryl stearate, Cetearyl alcohol, Xanthan gum, Alcohol, Sodium dehydroacetate, Sodium benzoate, Citric acid, Sodium phytate, Tocopheryl acetate, Lecithin, Dehydroacetic acid, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl palmitate.

* from organic farm

Category: natural cosmetic - product prepared with italian spring- waters remedies, according to the original method of Dr. Bach.

Property:this cream is made using a fluid emollient base, which is hydrating, non-allergenic and suitable for all skin types. It does not contain additives or perfumes of any sort.

The base is characterized by the three spring-waters were added to it:

.Stability Remedy (CK1): to connect with mother earth and receive its healthy energies

.Confidence Remedy (CK4): to cultivate good feelings and be motivated from the heart

.Renewal Remedy (CK7): to welcome the powerful cosmic energies in a direct manner

The Universal Cream contains the same remedies with which the Universal Remedy is made and hence has the selfsame properties. It is recommended for cases in which the use of the Universal Remedy (CK∞) is not appropriate due to the fact that it contains brandy which acts as a preservative. The Cream is suitable for massaging the entire body and  may be used on problematic body parts and on the private parts. It regenerates the tissues, favours cooperation between the parts of the body and friendship with one’s self. It exalts the harmony of the figure whose origin resides in the inner equilibrium.

Consumption of the Universal Remedy along with using the Universal Cream facilitates the activation of a connection to the universal energy and vital force reception.

Forced inactivity caused by accidents or trauma causes one to reflect; it would be well to interpret it as the soul’s request to stop, due to incorrect energy use or abuse, and take the necessary time to recharge. Presumption, overestimating one’s strengths, other types of imbalances are characteristics which, through a shocking event, cause one to feel ill and bring about the urgent need to interrupt one’s daily work and activities. There are, however, other apparently unexplainable motives which Life’s wisdom knows but which are at times hidden from the person’s conscience. These are causes which may not be evident but which effect the body and lead to a loss of strength due to lesions, trauma, accidents and illness.

We know love is strength and this implies paying attention to one’s self; in certain debilitating conditions it is neither possible nor opportune to help others, because the help would not be appropriate and would not bear fruit.

It is not opportune to think, due to a mistaken notion of goodness, that one must always be obliging, forgetting one’s self and disconnecting from the superior forces. Thanks to the Universal Remedy and Cream, unity shall be restored and love renewed for one’s self and for one’s fellow creatures. In fact, the Universal Cream activates the connection to the supreme force and increases one’s own force so that it may also be distributed to others. Once we have become a crucible of love force then we shall be able to sustain others with our presence alone, with respect, without replacing the one who is in need and without giving them advice.

The Universal Cream aids in healing lesions, trauma and accidents because it enables one to erase the traumatic emotional element from one’s memory and favours healthy thoughts thanks to a renewed and expanded awareness. Bringing about orderly vibrations to the person’s system, it promotes and facilitates the evolutionary leap which the trauma has triggered.

The Universal Cream spread on the skin, the body’s largest organ, together with the Universal Remedy, facilitates the connection to the vibrant vastness. Hence the “healing” does not concern the body alone, but the person’s entire system.

Application: this product have to be used externally, placing a little cream on the part to treat and massage, leaving absorb.

Disclaimer:Product made for the body (external use).

Keep the product tightly closed.  

It contains no parabens.

Volume: 200ml

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