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It is recommended to those who find difficulty in making choices and suffer of uncertainty, solely imposed by their stubborn and severe internal nature.

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Ingredients: dilution of Capparis spinosa in organic brandy.

Category: Italian flower remedy prepared according to the original method of Dr. Bach.

Property:remedy which helps to settle blockrd situations,  in which one is unable to choose between strenghts which are valued with equal intensity. It helps obstinate individuals who  have strong conflicts,  not being able to cede divergent personal points of wiew to which they are  strongly attached creating indecison.

(-)Discomfort:Inflexibility, Conflicts, Stubbornness, Indecision.

(+)Benefits: Ability to choose, Flexibility, Freedom from internal blocks.

Directions: 2 drops in a cup of water (non-gas) and sip at intervals OR take them directly on tongue at least 4 times daily ( = 8 drops in a small bottle of mineral water (½ liter) to sip during the day).

External application: The remedies can be used externally, placing a few drops of pure or diluted solution directly on the part to treat. It is possible to add one or more remedies in the bath water, in a foot-soak, or in an arm-soak.

When taken orally, jointly with an external application, the benefits are more evident.

These preparations are not a substitute to medical care and are perfectly compatible with any kind of treatment. In any case, common sense should be used to guarantee the desired result.

The remedies can be taken orally or externally applied without causing any undesired side effects. If symptoms appear again, this should be considered normal and only temporary.

Disclaimer: keep the product tightly closed. Hydro-alcoholic extract of vegetal ingredients.

Patent:  n. IT 1 346 161

Warranty: n° C737, operator controlled by ICEA - from organic farming.

Volume: 0,6 fl. oz. - alcohol 38% vol.

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